Instituto de Investigaciones
en Biociencias Agrícolas y Ambientales

National Bank of Microorganisms (BNM)

The National Bank of Microorganisms (BNM) is a bacterial culture collection focused on the preservation and supply of strains for various purposes (i.e. research, teaching, biotechnological applications). Our collection includes native strains of plant-associated and phytopathogenic bacteria and others isolated from soil or other environments, obtained from research activities of agronomic and environmental relevance.

Among other services, BNM offers bacterial strains of certified quality to any public or private institution that counts with the appropriate infrastructure and trained staff. Also, BNM aims to constantly increase its collection providing the scientific community with a deposit service for strains within risk groups 1 and 2. The BNM is registered in the WFCC – World Data Centre of Microorganisms under the number 938 (WDCM,

The BNM involves the STAN 2111/2112 CONICET (M. S. Montecchia/ J. Gaston/ G. Rubio)