Instituto de Investigaciones
en Biociencias Agrícolas y Ambientales


Historical evolution and institutional objectives

The origins of our Institute date back to 1995, with the creation of the Program for the Center for Biochemical and Physiological Research of CONICET, based in the area of Microbiology of the Faculty of Agronomy at the University of Buenos Aires. In 1999 the Program was elevated to the category of Executive Unit, under the name Institute of Biochemical and Physiological Research (IBYF). The institute raised from the conjunction of the research groups of Augusto F. Garcia, Atilio J. Barneix and Maria Susana Di Bernardo de Passeron. Dr. Bernardo de Passeron was the first Director (1999-2004) followed by Augusto F. García (2004-2009) and Raúl S. Lavado (2009-2014). In 2009 the institute was renamed as Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Biosciences Research (INBA). Since 2014 the director of INBA is Gerardo Rubio.

The INBA aims to develop basic and applied research to solve agronomic and environmental problems through investigations in the fields of biochemistry, plant nutrition, soil science, molecular biology and microbiology. Through our research, we promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the training of highly qualified human resources.

With a focus in agricultural and environmental sciences, the Institute promotes multidisciplinary approaches maintaining a broad vision ranging from the molecular to the crop level, including the microorganism level. Our research employs a wide range of experimental approaches: from controlled laboratory conditions to experiments under field conditions and simulation models. Our activities are developed with special emphasis on the transfer of knowledge to the industry and the society. INBA members develop teaching activities at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The training of human resources is a high priority of the Institute, especially focused on mentoring postgraduate students. The Institute currently include researchers from the Microbiology, Fertility and Fertilizers, and Biochemistry groups at FAUBA.


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